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The Facts About Unsolicited Calls During This State of Emergency

Did you know that unsolicited sales calls are now prohibited during this state of emergency?  This measure is to ensure residents “receive potentially life-saving notifications in

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Top Ten Issues Impacting the Commercial Real Estate Industry

The Counselors of Real Estate, a 1,100-member organization, identified the ten issues that are inclined to have the most impact on real estate. 1.       ;&

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The Equality Act and its Effect on LGBT Homeownership

 The Equality Act drew attention in the media during 2019 but since then has seemingly slipped out of focus, why is that? If you're not familiar with The Equality Act, it is a bill introduced

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Ten Ways to Save Money During the Holidays

No matter what holiday we celebrate, we can all use some help keeping costs to a reasonable limit.  Here are ten tips:Decide how much you can spend.One of the biggest mistakes is haphazardly

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